Srilanka Cycling Tour by Just Ride and LifeCycle

Srilanka Cycling Tour by Just Ride and Life Cycle coordinated by Mandar Gadre ( JustRide ) and Nachiket Joshi ( LifeCycle )

From 9th Jan 2016 to 16th Jan 2016

I wanted to cycle in Srilanka for a long time. I got inspired by the photographs and stories of my friends  Arun Kadekadi, Shrikant Gurjar and others who had toured Srilanka 2 years back,
Finally after a lot of deliberations and discussions  Jan 2016 was fixed for the trip.
Then the research on internet started. We decided to follow the route done by my friends. Then I started researching on internet about hotels, costs etc.
at First I charted the routes on Strava ( A premier sports application for tracking cycling, running etc. visit strava.com ).

Initially the  trip was to be purely a cycling trip but then got converted into cycling cum leisure trip.
I then contacted Snapstar tours for helping us choose the hotels and logistics arrangements.After lots of deliberations and discussion we finalized the hotels.

The SCT members were
Mandar Gadre
Nitin Bhalerao and Indu Bhalerao
Manoj Erande
Bhupal Patwardhan and Dr.Vasanti Patwardhan
Dr.Shirish Ghan and Dr.Swati Ghan ( Karkare)
Ramdada Jadhavrao and Asmita Jadharao and Master Mihir
Dr.Avanti Binniwale
Meena Barot

Indu, Vasanti and Asmita were our support system.

The  schedule  was
Day 1 10/1/16 Colombo to Hikkaduwa 92 km https://www.strava.com/routes/3855242
Day 2 11/1/16 Hikkaduwa to Mirissa 52 km https://www.strava.com/routes/3731494
Day 3 12/1/16 Mirissa to Nuwara eliya 250 km ( by bus )
Day 4 13/1/16 Nuwaraeliya to Kandy 75 km https://www.strava.com/routes/3901107
Day 5 14/1/16 Kandy to Sigriya 90 km https://www.strava.com/routes/3901147
Day 6 15/1/16 Sigriya jungle road ride 40 km 

We decided to carry our own cycles to Srilanka.Then we got the cycles serviced. and then got them packed at Life Cycle. The mechanics at Life Cycle were fast and efficient as they packed the cycles swiftly and neatly. They also explained to us how to assemble them.

The boxes were packed and ready to travel,
We started our journey by bus on 8th evening to catch a flight in Mumbai. The bus arrived on time and after loading the cycles we started for Mumbai .गणपती बाप्पा मोरयाच्या घोशात आमचा प्रवास चालु झाला.
We reached Terminal 2 of Shiv Chatrapati  Airport by 11 and proceeded for check in and customs. We missed upon a major point @ information of the cycles.
We had to explain the custom officer that the bikes are used and old. After lot of discussion he advised  us to write letters containing information of cycle frame number, colour and details of make etc on declaration and we got them stamped and proceeded for immigration and just made the flight on the last call.

Lesson learned

  1. Carry the bicycle bill with you.( If it is not available forget it )
  2. Know your cycle frame number ( which is etched below the bottom bracket see the photo below ).

  3. Prepare the letter containing all the information like frame number, colour,make, type etc addressed to the Custom Officer of the airport in duplicate and get it stamped.( This you will require when you come back.)
Finally we got into the aeroplane and relaxed. Landed in Colombo at 6 am in the morning and were received by the tour manager and proceeded to hotel. After check in and breakfast we started assembling the bikes.
Assembling the bikes is a great learning process. We did a great job and luckily we got the help of a local cycle shop dealer to do the fine tuning and we were ready to go.

Day 1 - Colombo - Hikkaduwa
सकाळी गणपती बाप्पा मोरयाच्या जयघोषात आम्ही सुरवात केली. आणि बघता बघता कोलंबोच्या  बाहेर पडलो .
The Galle road runs from Colombo to Galle which is the major National Highway (A2). The road surface was smooth and terrain was flat . We had decided to regroup after @ 25km or whenever we would see a coconut water stall. As soon as we were out of Colombo we were greeted by the Sea on our right almost throughout the ride. The weather was pleasant and every one was in a great mood.

Soon we reached Bansei by Beach Resort at Hikkiduwa. The resort was right on the edge of the sea.

We reached the hotel by 12 30 after covering a distance of 94 km and had good fish and some beer . Evening some of us went for sight seeing while  some of us headed for the sea and then in the pool.

Day 2 Hikkaduwa to Mirissa
We started at 6 30 in the morning as the distance today was only 52 km. The route again was along the sea side and very scenic and beautiful. Fortunately we got good cloud cover and it helped us a lot.
We passed over the famous Galle Cricket Stadium
As usual we took नाारळ पाणी on the way.

We reached Mirisa by 12 pm and the reached the resort. We stayed at Weligambay Mirissa . This place was amazing over looking the sea from the hill with a  vanishing edge swimming pool and a private beach.

We had a great time there and stayed up till late since the next day was a rest day.
We moved to Nuwara eliya by bus. We had to put the bikes in the tempo so we again removed the front wheels and packed them

The distance is @ 250 km. We reached Nuwara by evening and settled for a good dinner and rested well for the next day. En route we came across a big water fall and then a long climb.
The hotel at Nuwareliya was Heaven Seven which had an old colonial look and the manager there was very polite and resourceful. He took care of the bikes and allowed us to keep the bikes right in the reception.

Next day morning we started late after assembling the bikes and fine tune up and started by 10 30 to go to Kandy.
Day 4 Nuwaraeliya to Kandy
Nuwara to Kandy is long downhill of @ 45km with bends and curves and tea plantations all around. The weather was superb and slightly cold and we enjoyed the downhill and stopped at Macwood Tea Garden for a cup of tea and some refreshments

We reached kandy by 3 pm and checked in at Kandy City Hotel after doing almost 90 km that day.
In the evening we visited Temple of Tooth ( where Buddha's tooth is kept ) and had a good dinner at the hotel.
Day 5 Kandy to Sigriya
Kandy to dambula was a flat ride with last 12-13 km going up and down. We started at 6 30 in the morning and reached by 12 pm there.
The resort we check in was Saunters Paradise which is located on the outskirts of the reserved forest. There we saw the local Iguana, a type of lizard.

In the afternoon we visited the famous Sigriya Fort . The fort is on top of the huge rock mass where you have to climb more than 1000 steps. It was a great experience to climb after a hard ride of 90 km. The view from the top was awesome.

Day 6 Sigriya Jungle Road Ride
We set out on the road which leads to Trincomalee. We rode in that direction for @ 20km and returned back and we were delighted to see a family of wild elephants by the side of the road. We had a quick sight of them before they would get  irritated.
We returned back to the Hotel and started packing  the cycles.
By evening we were back to Negombo and then after a short rest proceeded  to  airport to return to India.
We had a great trip. All of us gelled very well and we had lots of fun.

The logistics by Snapstar Tours http://www.snapstartours.com were excellent and the tour guides were courteous and helpful. I thank Mr. Tushar Mhetre and his staff for the support and booking of Airline, hotels etc.
Our friend Vinayak Apte sponsored the event jerseys.

The Srilankans are very polite and they observe strict traffic rules. In the entire travel of @ 550 km we came across only 4 speed breakers. The country is ready to welcome you with  open arms.

We are looking forward to a next trip soon..


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