Cycle tune up and training

I took help of my friend Satish Apte , he corrected my posture and lot many things and gave me some fine tips of cycling.
  1. First of all he made me correct the height of cycle seat to suit my height. He made me rest my inner arm on the sit and askedme stretch my hand till the centre of the front sproket wheel. The rule is that generally your tip of the finger should touch the center of the sproket. )
  2. Once we adjusted the seat it made a huge difference when I started cycling. My legs were extending fully and there was no pressure on knees. ( पाय पुर्णपणे लांब झाले पाहिजेत. ) You will have to keep on experimneting till you get a perfect position which suits you the best.
  3. Then he corrected the way I was keeping my foot on the paddle. Your foot should rest on the paddle in such way that where the finger start, that portion should be completely on the cycle paddle. This helps in driving the force completely into the paddle.

This two things made a huge difference in my cycling, I started cycling better and faster.

So we got Satish to give all of us a demonstration and tips during one of the morning cycling session. Every one was highly benefitted and encouraged by this act.


Rotary Cycle Fellowship Group

Rotary Cycle Fellowship Group.

Fellowship and service are an intergral part of the rotary.

When I was coming back from the District Officers training program from Panvel last year in the month of April 2009 the idea struck to me that i can have a fellowship dedicated to like minded cyclist from the Rotary Clubs.
So I discussed this issue with few of my friends from the Rotary. Finally we embarked on our first ride on 31st Oct 2010 to started from Hotel Vaishali on F.C.rd to University Opne Canteen. With enthusiastic Rtn. Sandesh Sawant carried his cycle in an autoriksha to reach the Vaishali Hotel Starting point in time. Just the four of us, Rtn. Sandesh Sawant, Rtn. Deepak Bodhani, Rtn. Prashant Shinter and ofcourse me ( Rtn. Mandar Gadre ) we reached University Main Building and then reached the canteen to have good breafast.

त्यानंतर प्रत्येक शनिवारी एक दोन नवीन मेंबर्स वाढायला लागले. बघता बघता संख्या १० च्या घरात पोहोचली.
Initially 3-4 had decided to attend the upcoming district conferene at Khandala on cycles. After 5-6 cycle rides the confidence of every one was beginning to grow and every one agreed to one Goal - To attend the conference at Khandala on Cycles.
Every one got charges by the unlitmate goa. Few of them bought new cycles.
We took an expert's help Mr. Satish Apte ( A former Pune Mumbai Profetional Cyclist and a Motorcycl Racing Expert ) to guide all of us to do better cycling. If explained us the importance of right posture, and perfect height of the seat for each one of us.
Gave us some important tips on how to ride the cycle correctly. Even he participated with us to correct the common mistakes most of us were doing.
The distance to be covered was 67 km from pune to khandala.
We decided the have 2-3 mid size runs and one long runs before the actual ride to khandala.
More information later....