Pune Panchgani Pune BRM 200 Ride

Pune Panchgani Pune 200 km BRM event.
I completed 200 km BRM event this sunday on 12th June 2011.
It was an awesome experience.
It was my friend Sanjay who suggested that we should attempt the 200 km BRM event. I had recently graduated from Hybrid to Road. So it was an opportunity to achieve. I had done Enduro 40 + recently. Sanjay, Satish , Alok and Aba and me started doing regular practice rides to Chandani Chowk @ 25 -30 km daily. 
With the guidance of Satish Apte ( Former National Cyclist - done many events ) the improvements were seen in everyone's riding. 
We had done our preparation perfectly. The diet was modified to more carbohydrates. Finally the day arrived.
We reached the start point at University of Pune Main Gate at 5.45 am. After completing the formalities we started at 6 am sharp.
It had been raining heavily the day earlier and also on Friday. Fortunately with the God's grace the skies were clear and it was not raining in the morning
Sanjay and me were riding together and Alok, Aba and Manoj were together. We reached Katraj Tunnel easily by then the legs had warmed up and the feeling of reaching the first ghat was there.
Soon we were out of the Katraj tunnel and reached the Khandala by 9 30 am. I had one bottle of water and the other of Hy speed drink . Got the water filled there and ate some cake which was with me. All the way I was munching the dry fruits and drinking water and the drink regularly.
The khambatki ghat was the first to be accomlished. I was thinking about the ride section by section. Started the climb and reached the temple took a small break and grabbed one energy bar. Started again cycling and reached the top in 30 min. It was time for some photography. Got myself photographed over there and started the descend and soon reached the Wai phata. 

Satish had advised me not to stop in between but to stop directly at Wai. The ride from Surur to Wai had moderate ups and downs. The road condition was not as good as the highway so it was not so easy to pick up speed. On top of it the rains had made the road slippery and in certain patches mud was on the road. I had few scarry moments when the rear wheel suddenly slipped but fortunately I managed to regain control and kept going. Refilled water at Wai and ate some cake and started the Pasarni climb.
By then it was @ 11-11.15 am. I had decided to maintain my cadence and continue at a decided pace. After some time I reached the Pasarni Temple. Till then I had covered @ 4 km or so. Still 10 km to go. After that I changed my strategy. Legs were getting tired. So I did @ 2 km at a stretch then a small halt for water and continue again. With this I could manage the ghat without getting fatigued. Finally I could see the paragliding center board and then realised that I am near the Ghat top. Continued further and then saw the long line of cars to pay the road toll. 
Then finding my way through the long line of cars reached the parking space near the bus stand in Panchgani, by then the time was 12.30 pm. Met my friends over there and refilled the water and ate something and started the descend immediately. Stopped just before the descend started and took a photograph. 

The  ghats  some times had rains, cross winds and some times bright Sun shining. It was a great filling once I reached the Panchagani top. Told myself 50% job is done ,still a long way to go.

Started the descend, fortunately it was not raining so I could speed down. But had to control the cycle and it was streneous to hold the brakes and keep the cycle in control. Finally I reached Wai and stopped for refilling of water and continued further and reached near  surur phata. Just before surur phata took a break, had good 2 glasses of tea and ate some cake and did some stretching and continued the journey.
Reached surur and joined the highway. Soon I reached Shirwal and realised that I have to tackle the last difficult climb. The distance from Shriwal to Toll naka of Shivapur is @ 25-28 km. The climb is of @ 200 m. Started the uphill journey. It was the toughest part of the entire ride. I was watching the km stones and assuring myself that you are there and distance is reducing every time. I met one of the riders enroute who had stopped for a bite, waived him and continued further. In between I was eating energy bar, dry fruits and filling myself with the drink and water. 
Finally I reached Khed Shivapur Toll Plaza and I was relieved that the climb is now over. I stopped at a hotel got myself a good tea and ate the last piece of cake I had. Washed my face and started peddling toward Chandani Chowk. The journey was yet to be over. It started raining heavily just before the Katraj Tunnel. The visibility was poor and the rain was hitting me badly but I continued and reached the tunnel.
Soon I was on the other side of the tunnel and I hoped the rain would stop, but the rain followed me. I knew I was few kms away from the finish so just kept on pushing further and reached the Warje bridge. Crossed the bridge and finally reached Cafe Coffee Day at Chandani Chowk by 5.53 pm. Reported to the officials and completed the event.
Total Distance travelled from Home to Home @ 220 km. The speedo shows 226 km, this photo was taken on the next day. It shows the magic figure of 220 + reading

Time 10 hrs 46 min and including halts total time 11 hrs 53 min
I feel like I am at top of the world. But I must mention here that it was due to my friends and their motivation. Dhananjay Paranjape provided us with world class home made cakes and cookies. My daughter and my wife were eagerly waiting for my safe return to home.Once I reached home had a good hot water bath and good food and a good relaxed sleep.
Mandar Gadre


ते पण एक वय असतं

ते पण एक वय असतं

ते पण एक वय असतं
दिवसभर पाळण्यात झोपायचं
सगळ्यांकडून कौतुक करून घेण्याचं ...

ते पण एक वय असतं
हाफ चड्डीत गावभर फिरायचं
आईची नजर चुकवून डब्यातलं खायचं ...

ते पण एक वय असतं
मुलींच्या स्क्रॅपबुक्स भरायचं
आणि तरीही त्यांच्याशी बोलायला लाजायचं ...

ते पण एक वय असतं
घरी खोटं बोलून पिक्चरला जायचं
आवाज म्युट करून रात्री एफटीव्ही पहायचं ...

ते पण एक वय असतं
तिच्यावरचं खरं प्रेम तिला सांगून टाकायचं
तिच्या उत्तराची वाट पाहत रात्रंदिवस झुरायचं ...

खालील कविता  वाचनात आली, आवडली. याचे संकलन श्री विलास रबडे यांचे आहे.

ते पण एक वय असतं
आता छोकरी नंतर नोकरीच्या मागे लागायचं
पॅकेजचा विचार करत B.E.ची स्वप्नं पहायचं ...

ते पण एक वय असतं
लग्नाच्या 'डोमिनियन स्टेटस' आधी तारूण्यातला टोटल इंडिपेंडंस आठवायचं
आई आणि बायकोत कितीही भांडणं झाली तरी आपण मात्र शांत रहायचं ...

ते पण एक वय असतं
प्रिमियम्सच्या चिंतेत रात्रभर जागायचं
शेअर मार्केटच्या तालावर आपल्या इन्व्हेस्टमेंट्सना नाचवायचं ...

ते पण एक वय असतं
आपल्या मुलांचे सगळे हट्ट पुरवायचं
त्यांच्या साठी स्थळ शोधताना आपलं तारूण्य आठवायचं ...

ते पण एक वय असतं
सगळ्या जबाबदार्‍या पार पाडल्यावर गॅलरीत पाय पसरून बसण्याचं
आभाळाकडे पाहत फक्त यमाच्या निर्देशाची वाट पाहत बसण्याच ...

World Cup 2011

The Cricket World Cup 2011 was held in India, Bangaladesh and Srilanka.
I came across a collection of some interesting photographs.

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