Plaster Experiment with soil and sand and Cement

I tried Cement and soil and sand plaster at my farm near Panshet.
Inspired with the Auroville construction technology I decided to carry out this at my farm.
So I mixed sieved sand sieved red soil (लाल माती ) available at my site. I mixed the soil and sand in equal proportion and cement to the tune of 8%. I took 25 kg of sieved sand and 25 kg of sieved red dry soil.
The sand and soil was cleaned free from any organic matters etc and then used. The mix was very workable. With the help of the mason I carried out this experiment. So far so good the plaster in in shape and strong and bonding very nicely to the brick wall. I have used on the external face of the wall and finished it using a sponge which we use for sand faced plaster finish.
See the photographs taken for last four months.
The cracks developed at the ends of the plaster edges after it started drying. The cracks are due to more % of soil. the shrinkage of material has taken place no doubt. But this cracks have not widened over for last four months.
I have posted the photographs of the last four moths. Have a look at them. Do please comment on this experiment.
Mandar Gadre

Photograph as on 18/12/2008 Photogrpah in Sep 2008 on the day it was plastered.

Photographs in the month of november 2008 and October 2008


Rotary Club of Pune Westend

Rotary Club of Pune Westend
Dist 3131 Club No 52038
This club was founded in the year 2000 by like minded persons. The club is now 8 years young and doing very useful community projects.
One of the important projects of the club is the Braille Embosser unit donated to Niwant Andh Mukta Vikasalaya in the year 2006-2007. This project has helped the visually challenged students to persue their studies after the 10th standard. More than 15000 pages have been embossed using this facility.
Currently we are in the process of setting up a Braille reading facility which will help the blind students to read the books using the computer and the instrument attached to it. The project cost is @ 20 lakhs. It is being funded through matching grant project of Rotary International.

Rtn. Mandar Gadre
PP - Rotary Club of Pune Westend.


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Three Sisters Peak im Mulshi Area.

I like to take photographs and GPS location with my N95 Nokia mobile. I will keep on posting some good snaps regularly.

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