Me and my collar bone fracture

Last Sunday on 7th Oct 12, I had a fall from cycle and broke my collar bone. I picked my cycle and reached home . Till then I was not aware of what had exactly happened. I was having a look at my injuries, cleaned the scratches and applied ice pack on my shoulder. After sometime I realised I could not lift my let hand easily. It was paining  . I called my doctor and reached hospital.
 X ray done collar bone fracture - doc gives the bad news and puts a clavicle brace and hands over me a prescription and few instructions.
1 No movement of shoulder.
2 clavicle brace to be used for 24 hrs till next visit.
3 No driving for next 2 months and cycling for 3 months.

I am back home now. My wife is shouting at me out of her love and anxiety. By evening I get used to the brace and go to sleep with restil taken.

Day 2
I am not able to move my shoulder easily. The arm is paining and also the rib cage. I get ready with assistance and go to office. Except the injury to left side and left elbow and left knee rest of the things are ok.
The routine begins except I can not drive and exercise.
Today I try to find out information on collar bone fracture and I see a lot of information on the web.  The things look positive.
Friends visit me and present me a sling.
Day 3-4-5.
The pain is subsiding now, and I have started to understand it pains in the rid cage if I laugh. So you got to hold your rid cage and then laugh , a new lesson learnt today. I also found out that the arm also is in pain, icing icing an icing but no curling of arms with the ice in the glass.
Day 6
I call my doctor and ask him for permission to walk. Now I am allowed to walk at a moderate pace.
First week is over week 2 begins with lot of new hope and energy.

Week 2
Day 7,8,9
Allowed to walk, so started walking and feeling much better now.
Day 10
Visit to doctor - Doctor was happy with the development of the fusion of the bone. Allowed me to start stationary biking..
Week 3
Waling daily for @ an hour @ 5 km. Did some long distance travelling as a co passenger. No pain during the travel or even afterwards.
The pain in the collar bone has reduced but the muscles around the shoulder are giving trouble. I find less strength in the arm movement. Everyday the movement of the arm is better.
Got the x-ray done yesterday 31-10-12. The bone has healed now , the doctor has said 15 more days and I can start driving the car. Cycling still a month to go.
Week 4-5
Recovery very good. Followed strictly what the doctor had advised. Yesterday (15-10-12) visited my doc. He allowed me to start driving the car. Very soon the clavicle brace will go away.
Week 6-7
Started doing gym cycling. The left hand movements are much better. Now I can raise my hand over my head. Waiting for the doctor's permission to start cycling on the road. Now it has been more that 51 days so far.

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  1. Very sorry to know your fall from bicycle. Hope, you have recovered now fully and back on your bicycle. My best wishes. Rtn.RG Bhat


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